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The Art of Decoding Tricky Texts — HelloGigglesHelloGiggles

I’m not attempting to boast, but there are many items that I’m specialized at in daily life: buying in destination for chinese food, watching most of the Netflix, and
the entire day. As soon as I text, Really don’t only stick with one demographic. Oh no, no, no. I am a digital anthropologist, and that I will carry out my work in industry. We text using my girlfriends, their unique men, my guy friends, my physician, therapists, distribution men, CVS automobile refill, my personal mommy, employers, ex-bosses, ex-boyfriends, crushes, and landlords.

I’ve fought via book, I flirted, I have kept long distance relationships, I gone through breakups, I’ve talked about my dilemmas and that I’ve helped other people through theirs. I have produced plans, i am passive-aggressive, and I’ve created paragraphs while I should’ve authored one-word.

So it’s no real surprise that after achieving this for nearly 28 years, I’ve become a specialized at both writing


decoding challenging texts. I am such as the Veronica Mars of texting.

Do you really dudes accept many of these
down the page? Some tips about what i believe they actually indicate.

1.  Ok/K

Sorry to know which you and your friend dislike each other. The length of time has actually that already been taking place for? But honestly, absolutely nothing infuriates or annoys me personally over obtaining a text information that simply states K or alright. Like, have you been crazy at me? Very sorry to frustrate you! Personally I think like I have earned a complete sentence. If you don’t are working later and therefore are aligning the hair on your head (i am stuck in 2000), we never need to see the term K back at my new iphone 4 screen. Unless it really is that post got like 2K+ stocks.

2. The ‘….’ Type Bubble

Dog peeve: whenever kind bubble seems and vanishes throughout the day.  Especially if its in a conversation with a crush, or if I’m waiting around for an important reaction.  It is like HELLO, i will see you!

Looking forward to reactions from folks is demanding. so I’ve arrived at this crucial summary:

3. :)))))))))))))

You are texting with your mommy, aunt, or grandma. Please teach the girl how to use emojis!

4. Phone me/Can we talk

Oooh lady. You’re in difficulty. The buddy simply heard bout that key you have been covering and she really wants to contact you from it. She understands what you performed finally summer and she wants to discuss it through MOBILE, sound to vocals, the most frightening method of communication feasible. Good-luck with that certain.

5. Ha

Your own friend browse the joke. They don’t really think its funny. The good thing is that they are nonetheless trying to end up being courteous!

6. Gagagaa/bahabahhaha

Exactly what my personal telephone autocorrects haha to. So is this something for everyone else? I’d additionally always accept my two the majority of embarrassing haha auto fails: the one time hahahaha had been altered to «banana» plus the additional time it had been altered to «vajayjay» back at my cellphone. Get your work with each other along with your brain out of the gutter, Siri.

Do you have any favorite/least favorite messages to get, or any amusing stories of autocorrect fails? Show from inside the review part!

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