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payroll services for restaurants

Most states require businesses to submit reports quarterly, but the actual due date varies from state to state. For example, Maryland sets its deadline at the 15th of the first month after the quarter ends, while Washington’s deadline is the end of the first month after the quarter ends. Being consistent with your state-mandated payroll reports can save you significant time, headaches, and fines down the road. Gross pay is the basis for all the other calculations you’ll perform before you reach the net amount that you’ll write on each employee’s check. The first step is to collect timesheets so you know how many hours each of your employees worked. But things can get more complicated when you factor in the multiple pay rates mentioned in the previous section, tips, and even salary vs. hourly pay.

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To determine what percentage payroll should be in your restaurant, you’ll need to keep track of your employees’ tasks and hours worked. Choosing the best payroll software for your restaurant business requires the careful consideration of several vital factors. Square Payroll costs a flat monthly fee of $35 plus $6 per employee paid per month. If you don’t already use QuickBooks, you might find a lower-cost option for payroll administration. Some providers offer an onboarding checklist to help you set up your software. For instance, Gusto provides an onboarding overview and checklist, and you configure your account solo.

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You can also pay on a monthly or weekly basis depending on what makes sense for your restaurant. Square’s robust restaurant-specific POS system, Square for Restaurants, processes payments, enables table management and lets employees clock in and out. Square Payroll integrates seamlessly with Square POS, allowing you to automatically turn employees’ hours worked into accurate paychecks. Restaurant365’s workforce management software solution is completely tailored to the needs of restaurant businesses and their staff. The platform’s restaurant-specific features and capabilities can help you source top-quality talent and support them through the entirety of their employee lifecycle. Restaurants can run payroll through payroll software as with any other business.

  • A PEO also gives you access to large group health insurance plans, which can lower premium costs for you and your employees.
  • These features don’t come for free either; you’ll need to pay an extra monthly cost plus a charge per employee.
  • We offer garnishment management of calculations, deductions, and payments as an add-on to our restaurant payroll services.
  • Of these, QuickBooks Contractor Payments is a great deal for unlimited payments to up to 20 contractors.

SurePayroll is a good fit for local, small businesses that want an out-of-the-box payroll solution. Its emphasis on local, brick-and-mortar business might make it a stronger fit for restaurants than some online payroll providers that are tailored for fast-growth startups or online businesses. Roll by ADP may be a good fit for companies needing to lean heavily on mobile device functionality for payroll processing, such as a small field service business.

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Homebase is the perfect mix of affordability and feature-richness, if you’re looking for payroll software with stronger scheduling features. Everyone in your restaurant should have an enjoyable and personalized payroll and HR experience. payroll for restaurants Each user can make the most out of their workday with a role-based configuration. The restaurant industry is one that has many moving pieces, and staying on top of regulations, both taxes and safety, are key to business success.

payroll services for restaurants

This includes unemployment, form 940 and 941 returns, and annual W2s, as well as wage garnishment calculation and payments. Starting at $40 a month, Gusto is pretty reasonably priced, especially considering its automated payroll processing, new hire reporting, and even child support wage garnishments. Even its most basic plan includes health benefits and workers comp support, which we think justifies the $6 charge per employee. Justworks provides time tracking and payroll software to businesses, allowing them to gain more oversight of their HR and team operations. Its all-in-one payroll and HR solution can process payments to employees in all 50 states and supports teams with remote employees, contractors and both salaried and hourly workers.

The 7 Best Payroll Software For Restaurants

With self-service payroll, the service calculates and withholds the correct amounts from employee paychecks. But you’re responsible for filing forms and remitting payments to federal, state and local agencies. Additionally, payroll services provide different types of customer support. For example, payroll clients can contact Wave via email and live chat, whereas QuickBooks Payroll offers live chat, callbacks or a toll-free phone number. Wave Payroll is ideal for smaller companies — specifically companies of one. With extra support add-ons such as personalized bookkeeping services and invoicing, Wave is the best payroll software solution for solopreneurs and contractors.

  • A company looking for a single-vendor solution for HR and payroll may prefer payroll software that supports more HR processes.
  • Paychex’s Tip Network pools tips for easy division at the end of employee shifts; it bypasses direct deposit by loading tips onto prepaid debit cards called paycards.
  • Most other providers publish price plans and list the features you get with each plan, but Rippling’s unique approach isn’t suitable for everyone.
  • If you’re signing up with Toast long-term, just make sure you’ve read the fine print as there are processing contracts and early termination fees.
  • Automatically sync employee information, dimensions, and general ledger data to create an ecosystem with minimal data entry for your restaurant.

In addition to payroll tax reports, some states require restaurants and other businesses that operate within their borders to submit unemployment tax reports as well. Depending on where you live, your restaurant may be subject to local payroll taxes and required to submit quarterly or annual payroll reports. For those eventualities — and for accurate restaurant payroll — you’ll need to establish multiple pay rates and keep track of who worked what position and for how much.


Many offer a means by which authorized individuals can set up recurring and automated payroll. Payroll service providers offer various features for managing payroll, taxes and HR tasks. The best way to compare services is to understand what each payroll company offers.

  • The vendors that appear on this list were chosen by subject matter experts on the basis of product quality, wide usage and availability, and positive reputation.
  • In some states, the employees themselves purchase this type of insurance through a private carrier.
  • Whether you have a staff of five or 50, Paychex makes everything about managing payroll and compliance easier.
  • However, another hostess calls in sick, so Kim covers her shifts and works a total of 50 hours in one week.
  • To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website.
  • If you are looking to outsource, Paychex can help you manage HR, payroll, benefits, and more.

However, small businesses and startups with a limited budget can ditch spreadsheets by switching to free payroll software. Plus, free payroll apps usually have employee self-service portals to remove some HR and payroll tasks off your to-do list. Overall, the best payroll software automatically calculates wages and withholdings, handles tax filings and allows unlimited pay runs. Most top-rated solutions provide employee self-service portals and ledger reports. However, features and pricing differ, making some payroll systems stand out for specific business needs.

Click the button above or simply complete the form to request a quote, demo or consultation regarding payroll and HR solutions for your restaurant. Implement a strategy for employees to record the amount of their tips every day they work. Some timekeeping systems will allow employees to record their tips when clocking out for each shift. Use a simple written log or the IRS provided forms —  IRS Form 4070 or  IRS Form 8027.

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